Dave Rogers: keyboards, guitar, french horn, vocals

Dave Rogers Despite rumors to the contrary, David Rogers has been composing pop songs since 1979, when as a member of the Bad Attitudes he received the Future Award from his sixth grade music teacher. Later, he made waves as the principal hornist in the Blind Aces, performing holiday classics for dentists, schoolteachers, entomologists and jewelry sales professionals for many years. Around this time, Rogers enjoyed a short-lived career as a jazz pianist and hornist, during which he performed with Maynard Ferguson and Lou Rawls and lip-synched with Florence Henderson on national television. He then took a long vacation from popular music to delve into the world of Western Art Music, where he played lovely classical symphonies and obnoxious contemporary works and earned a few college degrees. After a brief stint with Rochester (NY) supergroup The LALALAND Orchestra and the noise band Tomatapuss, Rogers moved to Florida and immediately began working on Handshake Squad recordings. Since moving to Tampa, he has performed with area bands Drive Thru Church, Water-Cure and Turqish Delight; and he has continued to write obnoxious contemporary and experimental music as a core artist with the Bonk Festival of New Music. In his spare time, he teaches at a local university, runs a music editing and typography business, and eats lots of nuts and cheese. Sometimes a pound at a time...


Porn Name:Wyndall Dyson
Favorite Sound:the sound of cheese
Favorite State:liquid
Favorite Gas:helium
Turn Ons:Belly Mashing; "You & Me" with Pastor Richard Dortch
Turn Offs:Pathological Narcissism; that balding Kash 'n Karry guy
Things I Don't Understand:Joe the Lifter
Ideal Date:Playmobil Factory Tour
Blanket Statement:'Well, shit on a lick stick'
Favorite Product Not Available In Any Store:Three Wish Doll with lucky body lotion
Favorite Porn Movie Title:Ass Ventura Crack Detective
Favorite Fictitious Band Name:Anus the Menace