Devon Brady: drums, banjo, vocals

About Trevor France

Devon Brady with portrait of Devon Brady Devon Brady began playing the banjo at the age of eight. By fourteen, his punk rock band Urban Decay had played its first shows at Tampa's historic Generic Club. Earlier incarnations of the band (Dog Eat Dog, Prole Feed, and Indiscriminate Din) were unable to overcome the problems of parental permission and the band members' inability to drive a car. After the success of Urban Decay, Devon went into hiding for several years, resurfacing only briefly as a member of the alternative rock band Fisher Price Groove Bazooka. It was during this musical hiatus that he was asked to leave the Gaither Highschool Drum Corps and his mother insisted that he not practice heavy metal songs in his bedroom with anyone over the age of thirty.
As a sculpture student at the University of South Florida, Devon formed the group Band Practice. Band Practice played once a week for four hours straight, recorded everything that they did, and never played out. Four years into his second absence from the music scene Devon was discovered singing karoake by the members of Handshake Squad at Tampa's Spinnaker Lounge. It was based upon this performance that the other band members knew he would be the perfect drummer for the Squad.


Porn Name:Peanut von Scheller
Favorite Sound:Black Sabbath's stereo imaging
Favorite State:Disrepair
Favorite Gas:Flying J regular unleaded
Turn Ons:An urgent need to have them
Turn Offs:An inability to control them
Things I Don't Understand:Words beginning with 'emo'
Ideal Date:February 30th
Blanket Statement:'Throw a handful of sand in there.'
Favorite Product Not Available In Any Store:Ronco Door Saver
Favorite Porn Movie Title:Shaving Ryan's Privates
Favorite Fictitious Band Name:Anus the Menace