Joel Brown: bass, clarinet, drums, vocals

About Trevor France

Joel Brown with portrait of Joel Brown Since his birth, Joel avoided all people and social situations and in turn has been feared by all people and in all social situations. Tragically, Joel did not start playing music until his late single digits, and this left him bitter and indifferent. His first musical efforts with bands Shopping for Food, Shopping for 32 Feet and The Kool and Gang goes to Wonderland, were seen mainly as strikes against popular music. Joel then dropped off the planet for some years. Much of this was spent exploring wide variety pork and other loose meat. His assault on generally accepted forms of music continued on a more personal level in his work with bands Joel Brown’s Nirvana, Joel Brown is the Bastard and Joel Division. Joel currently performs with Handshake Squad where his brand of musical torment is appreciated and even encouraged. People now respect him for his mind.
The full-length feature film entitled Joel Brown’s Heart of Darkness is presently in production. Joel frequently forgets to show up for the actual filming, and his ‘body double’ is rapidly becoming the star of the picture.

Joel Brown is a loose cannon.....


Porn Name:Boo Boo van Woert
Favorite Sound:A ball peen hammer hitting anything
Favorite State:Emergency
Favorite Gas:Poofy fart
Turn Ons:My right foot
Turn Offs:My left foot
Things I Don't Understand:My 'Turn Ons' and 'Turn Offs'
Ideal Date:the day that Handshake Squad breaks up
Blanket Statement:'Dude, seriously.'
Favorite Product Not Available In Any Store:Solar Powered Flash Light
Favorite Porn Movie Title:Mr. Holland’s Anus
Favorite Fictitious Band Name:Milk of Amnesia