201 Service Files / Special Warfare

Robert C. Constable Jr. - Capt.

After being thrown out of the Julliard School, Robert C. Constable Jr. used family connections and entered West Point. Graduated in top 3%. Completed airborne and ranger training at Fort Benning Georgia. Attended psychological warfare and special ops schools at Drum and Riley. Promoted to 1st Lt. Deployed to Nha Trang June 1964. Given command of newly formed A-detachment #157.

David F. Rogers - Sniper Scout.

US Army - one tour 1st Infantry Division. Wounded during engagement at Phuc Vinh 1964. Transferred to A-157 in 1965. Invented famous handshake - during reconnaissance operations in Mekong Delta, Sgt. Rogers removed the hand of an NVA soldier he'd killed, and put it in his sleeve. When reporting to Capt. Constable, he extended his 'hand' and the Capt. Shook it. Of course, it came off in his hand, etc.

Devon Brady - Civilian Contractor, INS

C.I.A. All information and real name classified. Whereabouts unknown.

Joel Brown - Sgt.

Joined Army in 1960. Completed basic and advanced infantry training at Fort Jackson. Attended ranger school and jump training at Benning. Attached to 101st Airborne, Okinawa. After receiving 2nd Article 15, was reduced to Corporal and deployed to Nha Trang for a tour with the the A-157 "under the hell of that bastard Constable…see if he still wants to disobey orders". Completed 2 tours as radio (PRC 10) operator with A-157.

Decorations: Silver Star, DSC, Purple Hearts (3)

From disposition of case, (#473211-B) Court Martial proceedings under Col. Hollingsworth 1964.