Mp3s suck

We recognize the mp3 as a necessary evil for the distribution of music on the internet.

You should never mistake an mp3 - or accept it as a substitute - for CD quality music.

We will soon be placing rare and live recordings (unavailable on any CD) here for your enjoyment.

We are currently trying our luck at: and CDStreet and Mp3 dot CON

Self-titled 2nd CD BUY IT

1.There's something wrong with NancyConstablemp3
2.The Robert C. Constable Jr. Show No. 1arr. Constable
3.Look's like fuckhead's not showing up tonightRogersmp3
4.Mary Like the tom tomsConstable
6.Coconut JesusConstablemp3
7.Bill KingRogers
8.I know two guys named Hilton JonesConstable
9.The Robert C. Constable Jr. Show No. 2arr. Constable
11.Shit PumpRogersmp3
12.Tell me something goodarr. Rogersmp3
13.Mary likes the tom toms (live)

Boink Phru Phrua BUY IT

1.Christmas Waltz (The Chipmunk Song)arr. Constable/Rogers
3.The Robert C. Constable Jr. Show No. 1arr. Constable
4.Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboyarr. Constable/Rogersmp3
5.Mary Likes the Tom TomsConstable
6.Conrad's Little FriendsConstable
7.The Robert C. Constable Jr. Show No. 3arr. Rogers
8.The Melrose Place Theme Songarr. Constable/Rogers
9.It Looks Like CheeseConstable/Rogersmp3
10.The Robert C. Constable Jr. Show No. 2arr. Constablemp3
11.Satan's Spectral Themearr. Constable/Rogers
12.Sex Bombarr. Constable/Rogers
13.Bill KingRogers
14.The Look of Lovearr. Constable/Rogers
15.Look's Like Fuckhead's Not Showing up TonightRogers